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Attorney Tom Huster believes that Estate Planning is much more than simply writing a Last Will and Testament. A well designed estate plan preserves assets, avoids probate, avoids adverse tax consequences and guides your family and physicians by your wishes in the event of your disability or mental incapacity.

At a minimum, most estate plans for California residents will include a Revocable Trust, which is sometimes called a "Living Trust." One of the primary benefits of a properly drafted Revocable Trust is that is avoids the need to probate your estate. Since the California probate system is invasive, time consuming, and expensive, Revocable Trusts have become a key component of a California Estate Plan.

Tom Huster is experienced in Trust Law and has drafted many Revocable Trusts as part of his Estate Planning practice. Tom's estate planning philosophy is to develop a straightforward plan that will avoid probate and unnecessary taxation, while simplifying the process of transferring your assets to your loved ones upon your passing; he does not seek to over-plan an estate and run up charges by providing for numerous irrelevant contingencies.

A well planned estate will often contain these features:

A Revocable Trust (sometimes called a "Living Trust"); specifying who will manage your estate (the Trustee) and who your property will be distributed to upon your passing.
A Last Will and Testament; directing any of your property not placed in the Revocable Trust during your lifetime into the trust upon your passing.
A Power of Attorney for your health care, authorizing a loved one to make medical decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated and cannot communicate with your doctor.
A Directive to Physician advising your loved ones and your doctor whether or not you want artificial life support if you have lost consciousness and the situation is hopeless.
A Designation of Guardian (which is especially important for the parents of young children) so that minor children will have a smooth transition to the substitute parents of your choosing.

In addition to the above estate planning documents, Tom has drafted numerous Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts ("ILITs"), Credit Shelter Trusts, Bypass Trusts, and has created limited liability companies ("LLCs") and Family Limited Partnerships ("FLPs" for estate planning purposes.

Tom has an LLM in Taxation from New York University and is familiar with most requirements of the Federal Gift and Estate Tax laws. Tom has supervised and prepared numerous Federal Estate Tax returns (Form 706).

Tom also represents clients who have a loved one who has been victimized by fraud or undue influence in the preparation of their estate plan, or who wish to contest a Will or Trust that was improperly imposed on their loved one.

Tom would be pleased to provide you with a free telephone or personal consultation regarding your estate plan, at the conclusion of which he will give you a quote of the cost for the preparation of your plan. A free consultation creates no obligation on your part. Contact us today.
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