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Landlord-Tenant Law
San Francisco Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney
Are you currently embroiled in a tense landlord-tenant conflict or eviction proceeding in San Francisco or elsewhere in Northern California?

At The Law Offices of Thomas Huster, we have the proven negotiating skills, trial experience and firm grasp of California tenancy law and local ordinances that can protect your rights and interests, now and in the future.

Tom Huster serves commercial and residential property owners and renters in the city of San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area communities.

Contact our Law Offices of Thomas Huster's San Francisco law office today for a free initial consultation.

Creative Strategies and Solutions in Landlord-Tenant Law
The Law Offices of Thomas Huster can effectively represent either landlords or tenants in eviction proceedings. Tom has many years of experience with helping to enforce property owners' rights to take possession of a residence or commercial space when attempts to collect past-due rent have been unsuccessful.

He also versatile enough to represent residential renters in claims of wrongful eviction. He will see to it that your rights are upheld under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance or any other state or local law that applies.

Dispute resolution is another viable approach to landlord-tenant disputes. Evictions can be drawn-out and costly. On occasion, he has found that both sides can benefit from out-of-court remedies. The Law Offices of Thomas Huster dispute resolution lawyers put their trademark creative strategies to work to arrive at solutions to disputes over back rent, maintenance issues and violations of lease terms.

Remedies he has found workable in the past include specified repayment over time, the negotiation of an acceptable portion of back rent instead of eviction, the renegotiation of residential or commercial lease agreements and agreements on repairs or upgrading of rental units or leased space.

You can trust our law firm's experience with seeking negotiated settlements as well as litigation. To find out more about how we can help resolve your landlord-tenant dispute, or to obtain immediate legal help in eviction proceedings, be in touch with our Bay Area law office of The Law Offices of Thomas Huster.

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