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Probate Litigation and Elder Abuse
San Francisco Probate Litigation and Elder Abuse Attorney
Do you fear that your elderly relative or loved one in the Bay Area is being taken advantage of financially? At The Law Offices of Thomas Huster in San Francisco, our law office aggressively represents the legal rights and financial interests of Northern California families whose elders have been victimized by predatory practices.

You can trust our caring probate litigation and elder abuse attorney's extensive litigation experience and knowledge of probate law to right any wrong that's been done. With Tom Huster's signature creative strategies and solutions at the ready, The Law Offices of Thomas Huster is prepared to vigorously represent any party in will contests or probate litigation.

He actively pursue claims of undue influence or elder abuse, including a will that may have been altered shortly before the decedent's passing. He can challenge the validity of a will on grounds of mental capacity or notarization. Our law office has successfully defended estates from challenges by omitted heirs and beneficiaries. And Tom has experience representing executors who have been accused of breach of fiduciary duty.

Our law office want to be your full-service elder abuse and probate litigation law firm in the Bay Area. Contact Tom Huster in San Francisco today to schedule a free initial consultation. 415-984-9915.

Creative Probate Litigation Strategies and Solutions
At The Law Offices of Thomas Huster, he welcome the opportunity to join your efforts to stop or reverse attempts at elder fraud and undue influence of a senior citizen, with recommendations such as:

Revocation of the fraudulent estate plan in question
Reinstatement of a previous will
Supervised drafting of a new will
Fraudulent relatives considered as "pre-deceased," eliminated from an inheritance entirely
Restitution of an estate, with all property returned
Attorney's fees awarded to plaintiffs
Elder abuse can be perpetrated by a complete stranger, a scam artist posing as the "new best friend" or a close relative: a son, daughter, nephew or niece who feels entitled after caring for an elderly relation. The more brazen elder abusers help themselves to heirlooms, vehicles or bank accounts. Sadly enough, they sometimes succeed, if only temporarily, in persuading their prey to change a will and leave the bulk of his or her estate to the so-called "caregiver."

If you suspect that your elderly Northern California relative or loved one is being taken "for a ride," contact our trusted San Francisco probation litigation lawyer immediately.

Contact Our Probate Litigation and Elder Abuse Attorney
When probate litigation and elder abuse legal issues arise within your Bay Area family, contact us. Our experienced attorney welcome the opportunity to discuss creative strategies and solutions to your problems during your free initial consultation with The Law Offices of Thomas Huster.
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