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San Francisco Real Estate Law Attorney
Are you in position to close on the sale of a home or purchase of a commercial property in the San Francisco Bay Area? Is a heated dispute over real estate law threatening to spill over into the courtroom?

Tom Huster is here to handle any and every real estate law scenario for you with creative strategies and solutions, at The Law Offices of Thomas Huster. He can expedite the closing process when things are going smoothly, or negotiate and litigate on your behalf when they're not. He represents Northern California clients on the front end of transactions to avoid legal problems, and yet are versatile enough to intervene and protect your interests in litigation or dispute resolution.

The Law Office of Thomas Huster is an experienced real estate attorney represent individuals and entities, including nonprofits, in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. Our clients include buyers, sellers, homeowners and condo associations, developers, general contractors and subcontractors. He possess the kind of extensive knowledge of California real estate law, and familiarity with municipal ordinances, that makes for smooth transactions and effective resolutions.

On the commercial side, he counsel and advocate for buyers and sellers of commercial property, developers and building contractors, and leaseholders or commercial tenants in any conflicts. We have litigated construction defects, breach of contract, fraud and a wide range of related disputes.

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Creative Real Estate Law Strategies and Solutions
In residential real estate matters, our experienced real estate attorney represent clients such as:

Homebuyers and sellers, for negotiation or review of purchase agreements, advice on disclosure requirements, title examinations and closings
Homeowners, in disputes over code violations
Condo and homeowners associations, in real estate transactions
Contractors, subs or owners in construction disputes
Either party in property disputes such as quiet titles, partition actions, easements and boundaries
Victims of broker fraud
Homeowners or associations, in disputes over transactions or covenants

In the commercial real estate field, our first goal for clients is avoid litigation through prudent drafting of crystal-clear contracts and agreements. He guides developers through purchase of property as well as zoning and subdivision obstacles. He also excels at negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements.

When real estate law becomes a concern in your personal or commercial life and substantial amounts of money and property are at stake, our Bay Area attorney is here to help. Contact us in San Francisco today.

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The Law Offices of Thomas Huster's reputation for applying creative strategies and solutions to our Bay Area clients' real estate law problems can get results for you too. Contact Tom Huster today by phone, fax or e-mail to arrange your free initial consultation with our experienced lawyers.
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